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Empower business owners, CEOs and managers to make proactive business and financial decisions that DRIVE their businesses to financial success and positive cashflow using real-time financial data; then communicate that knowledge to stakeholders.

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The Driving Force of  RCMS
Success Starts  with the RIGHT Tools

Written by: Mark J. Denning, Founder of Real-time CFOs and the Real-Time Cashflow Management System (RCMS)

Drive Your Business to Financial Success

If you are looking for a financial system that will maximize your company’s profit and cashflow potentialdon’t look any further!

Are you making decisions based on how much cash is in the bank or what happened in your financial statements last month?

Learn CEO concepts and the CFO steps to implement the Real-time Cashflow Management System (RCMS).

After reading this book, you can:

Develop a financial model for your company that will help you analyze the business trends, financial ratios, variables and constraints of your business.

Focus on sales and cost drivers to better understand the factors that drive profit and cashflow success.

Forecast all the financial components in RCMS, then drive your business to the desired financial success.

Communicate the RCMS plan to your managers, bankers, and investors.

In addressing the complexities of financial management, this book is organized to demonstrate how RCMS helps owners, CEOs, accountants, bankers, etc., financially manage small businesses.

This book will also teach you the methodology, development, implementation and usage of RCMS. It will discuss the system’s purpose and high-level concepts for the CEO/owner as well as the detail for the CFO/finance team on how to implement the model.

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