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Mission Statement

Empower business owners, CEOs and managers to make proactive business and financial decisions that DRIVE their businesses to financial success and positive cashflow using real-time financial data; then communicate that knowledge to stakeholders.

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Success Starts  with the RIGHT Tools About the Book CEOs and Business Owners

See the future impact of your current decisions NOW!

Proactive decision making gives you a competitive advantage in today's volatile business environment resulting in a positive return on the investment in RCMS.  

Get answers to the difficult questions NOW! Compare your financial system with the RCMS Software.

Take back the power of making proactive decisions based on current data.

The RCMS System focuses on answering these questions in real time and giving you the ability to weigh the most successful and profitable outcomes.

View the impact of your future decisions FAST with quickly generated charts and graphs.

Increase your staff’s efficiency by providing them with RCMS to generate the financial documents you need and remove hours spent running numbers and reviewing endless spreadsheets.

Valuable data that is coveted by CEOs across many different industries!

RCMS is currently operating in successful small businesses to large multi-million dollar corporations across the United States as well as taught in colleges by accounting professors.

RCMS Package for CEOs & Business Owners

The RCMS Package for CEOs & Business Owners includes the book titled How to Drive Your Business to Financial Success and a 3-Part Online Video Series.

Packages start at $19.95

       Only free cashflow matters.

The RCMS and this book nail it!

—John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

       A must read for all CEOs.The RCMS

will help you sleep at night!

—Rick Nelson, CEO, Direct Technology

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

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Quadrant B is the best choice.

Having access to Interactive Financial Information such as Enterprise Value, Loan Covenants, KPIs, and all your standard Financial Reports on one dashboard gives confidence to CEOs and Business Owners to make the best decisions for their company.

Great financial information, but needing better anticipation.

Concerned. Will we make payroll? Borrowing from vendors? LOC availability?

Good anticipation of results, but need better data analysis (KPIs, drivers, constraints).

B RCMS Packages for CEOs & Business Owners