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Mission Statement

Empower business owners, CEOs and managers to make proactive business and financial decisions that DRIVE their businesses to financial success and positive cashflow using real-time financial data; then communicate that knowledge to stakeholders.

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Provide real-time data to the CEO or Business Owner!

Our RCMS methodology provide the tools you need to exceed the financial expectations of the company’s CEO or Business Owner.

Provide the CEO with the best financial management system using the most efficient system available.

Provide forecasted data to CEOs to show the impact of their future decisions.

Give your CEOs the ability to weigh the most successful and profitable outcomes with powerful forecasting tools.

Reduce the time spent managing data and publishing financial reports.

Decrease the hours you spend running numbers on endless spreadsheets and instead provide the detailed financial documents your company needs in significantly less time.

Use visual RCMS tools to help CEOs and Business Owners see what you see!

Provide visual data to help explain the financial impact that CEO decisions can have on the company with easily generated charts and graphs.

RCMS Package for CFOs & Financial Managers

The RCMS Package for CEOs & Business Owners includes the book titled How to Drive Your Business to Financial Success and a 3-Part Online Video Series.

Packages start at $19.95

       Only free cashflow matters.

The RCMS and this book nail it!

—John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

       A must read for all CEOs.The RCMS

will help you sleep at night!

—Rick Nelson, CEO, Direct Technology

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

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RCMS Packages for CFOs & Financial Managers RCMS Packages for CFOs & Financial Managers