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Empower business owners, CEOs and managers to make proactive business and financial decisions that DRIVE their businesses to financial success and positive cashflow using real-time financial data; then communicate that knowledge to stakeholders.

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Success Starts  with the RIGHT Tools About the Book Online Enterprise Version

Move ahead with the Enterprise Version of the Online RCMS Software!

If you are a large company with multiple users, then this is the solution for you. The Enterprise Version of the Online RCMS Software includes all the same decision making power of RCMS designed for a multi-structured company with more than 5-users.

We are partnered with Adaptive Insights to bring you a solution with thousands of completed projects and support across many industries, companies and non-profits of all sizes. With a #1 ranking in customer satisfaction in industry surveys conducted by both Gartner and BPM Partners, Adaptive Insights provides the quality of service you desire.

Offering a broad range of solutions in

their Adaptive Suite along with the

power of the RCMS.

Along with implementing RCMS into your company,

Adaptive Insights includes planning, consolidation,

analytics and reporting applications that are powerful

yet intuitive for all types of business users.

Operates in the cloud to provide instant access from your tablet, mobile, or laptop.

The cloud keeps all your information in one secure location that can be accessed from any device with Internet access.

Integration with the Adaptive Insights platform and expertise.

Partnered with Adaptive Insights, you will receive information and expertise from both Real-time CFOs experts as well as Adaptive Insights team of experts as well.

Instant access to your own personal Support Specialist.

We will assign a Support Specialist directly to you, to assist you in setting up and implementing the RCMS Enterprise Version.

Multiple users provides ease of access across departments.

The cloud offers multiple user technology for 5+ users to allow financial information sharing to and from the CEO, CFO, bookkeeper, business owner, and even sales department.

       Only free cashflow matters.

The RCMS and this book nail it!

—John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

       A must read for all CEOs.The RCMS

will help you sleep at night!

—Rick Nelson, CEO, Direct Technology

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

See how implementing the Online Enterprise Version can positively impact your company.

Real-time CFO is a Certified Adaptive Insights Partner

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