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Empower business owners, CEOs and managers to make proactive business and financial decisions that DRIVE their businesses to financial success and positive cashflow using real-time financial data; then communicate that knowledge to stakeholders.

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Success Starts  with the RIGHT Tools About the Book What is RCMS?

RCMS tracks the long-term financial plan in an easy-to-read dashboard that shows the owner changes as they happen in real time. Proactively react to these changes before they become part of your historical financial statements using the Realtime Cashflow Management System (RCMS).

RCMS is a cashflow forecast method that allows you, the business owner, to:

Long-term planning is essential to seeing the financial horizon and understanding the where you want to drive your business.

Tactical planning is the short term adjustments and financial decisions we make based on periodic changes to our forecast and update of actual financial information. Using RCMS, you can quickly document these changes then use this information to navigate both your tactical and long-term plans.

RCMS tracks all your financial history, budgets, forecasting, and long-term plans.

You can also run multiple versions for “what if” scenarios such as, good/better/best, acquisitions, and/or significant changes to your business.

You can now easily keep your forecast on a rolling 12-month basis. Annual plans and budgets are efficiently set-up by freezing your 12-month rolling forecast.   

All history, budgets, plans, and forecasts are efficiently reported on an individual or comparative basis. Reports for “what if” scenarios are easily created to compare the scenario to your existing operations ensuring proactive business decisions.

Ultimately, RCMS is a tool to help owners, CEOs and managers be proactive in making business decisions; not just reactive to historical changes in their business, but responsive to changes in forecasted information. That real-time responsiveness will have a significant positive impact on profit and cashflow!

Available in either our online version or in our Excel version, RCMS can guide you to increased profit, cashflow and enterprise value.

       Only free cashflow matters.

The RCMS and this book nail it!

—John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

       A must read for all CEOs.The RCMS

will help you sleep at night!

—Rick Nelson, CEO, Direct Technology

John Sercu, COB, TA Group Holdings

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